Feasta membership and donations

We are a registered charity. Our income is derived from members’ subscriptions, donations and grants for specific projects. Any contribution you can make, however small, is greatly needed and appreciated.

The best support for us comes from monthly contributions. Please see below to apply. You can also make a one-off membership payment – the link for that is below too.

Renewals: if you’d already a member and would like to renew, please go to our renewals page.

Payment options

  • If you wish to set up a bank standing order for regular payments, please contact us at admin@feasta.org and we will send you our bank details.
  • If you would like to set up a recurring payment online via Paypal, please enter the amount you wish to donate below. (Note: if you would like to get Feasta membership, you can specify this once you’ve made the payment. Since we have to pay a commission to Paypal for each recurring payment, smaller payments than 5 euros aren’t viable for us financially. So if you’re signing up for monthly payments, we’d appreciate if the payments could be 5 euros or more.)

  • If you wish to make a one-off payment to Feasta, please go here. You can specify if you wish this to go towards Feasta membership.