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Time for some optimism about the climate crisis (from Sharing for Survival)

Mar 04, 2013 4 Comments by
In the final chapter of Sharing for Survival, the late Richard Douthwaite made the case, with help from David Knight, that the climate crisis can be overcome and that action to mitigate climate change could substantially improve many people's lives, particularly in the poorer countries.
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Cap and Share: managing the share on a global level (from Sharing for Survival)

Feb 07, 2013 1 Comment by
In this article Caroline Whyte makes a case in favour of global per-capita allocations of funds from the share in Cap and Share: a sort of worldwide cash transfer programme. She draws on recent development theory, technological innovations and research on social and economic equity to bolster her argument.
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Biochar (from Sharing for Survival)

Jan 22, 2013 Comments Off by
James Bruges provides a useful overview of biochar - charcoal produced for agricultural purposes - based on research from India, the UK and Mozambique. One hope for biochar is for increased global food production while permanently enhancing soil. The other hope is that it could help the struggle against climate change.
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Cap and Share in India (from Sharing for Survival)

Nov 20, 2012 Comments Off by
Should the funds from Cap and Share be distributed equally to individuals or are there better ways of using them? Indians are even more in need of financial help than those suffering from austerity programmes in the west, but James Bruges explains why he believes it would be better to distribute to community organisations in India. He starts his chapter of Sharing for Survival with some comments on climate and also covers related economic issues.
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Operating effectively at the global level to address climate change (from Sharing for Survival)

Oct 22, 2012 1 Comment by
By John Jopling. Given the number and nature of the global problems facing humanity today, not least climate change, I believe that human kind’s most crucial need now is to have the capacity to “operate effectively at the world level”. My starting point is that we do not at present have this capacity. I want to suggest how we might acquire it.
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Policy packages (from Sharing for Survival)

Sep 25, 2012 Comments Off by
We need to cut carbon emissions, and soon. But Nick Bardsley reminds us that any mechanism that we introduce in order to cut them - such as Cap and Share - will have to be accompanied by a number of other measures or it will prove counterproductive. Topics covered in his paper include a proposed substitute for the much-criticised Clean Development Mechanism, the current displacement of food production by biofuels, the relationship between food and energy use, the required shift away from debt-based money and the need for a land value tax.
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Cap and Share in Pictures (from Sharing for Survival)

Aug 21, 2012 Comments Off by
This chapter by Laurence Matthews from our latest book illustrates some features of Cap & Share, a programme for gradually eliminating global fossil fuel use which places a strong emphasis on fairness and equity.
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The Climate and the Commons (from Sharing for Survival)

Jul 30, 2012 Comments Off
This paper by social anthropologist and activist Justin Kenrick aims to highlight the continued existence of the commons, a viable alternative to the socio-economic system which is driving climate change. It draws on existing experiences and challenges in the Kenyan highlands and Scottish islands and on the work of Elinor Olstrom to help identify ways of supporting and restoring the commons at the local, national and global levels.
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What do we do about climate change? (from Sharing for Survival)

Jul 07, 2012 Comments Off
In the first chapter of Sharing for Survival, Brian Davey reviews strategies for climate change mitigation given the disinterest and even hostility in the political mainstream. He puts forward a strategy for civil society and community organisations in a future of economic chaos to connect to the struggle for equity.
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Preface to Sharing for Survival

Jun 11, 2012 Comments Off
Brian Davey's preface to our new book Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society describes climate change as a 'wicked problem', with no single, clear solution. The book therefore presents a patchwork-quilt-style diversity of responses to climate mitigation. Although the authors may differ in the specifics of what they suggest, they are united by their concern for effectiveness and equity.
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