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‘Over the edge…’ An online panel discussion on shaping the future of healthcare and education

Nov 14, 2014 Comments Off by
This online panel discussion, to be held on Friday November 28, is designed to explore new forms of education, intergenerational education and other emerging issues affecting healthcare and education. Four innovative thinkers - Dave Cormier, Allenna Leonard, John Walker and David Somekh - will be on the discussion panel, and Feasta trustee Seán Conlan will facilitate.
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Feasta climate group weekend, 31st October – 3 November 2014

Oct 13, 2014 Comments Off by
This year's climate group meeting will have an overall theme of 'climate j
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European Health Future Forum webinar: the transformations of self care and self learning

Jan 29, 2014 Comments Off by

Feasta trustee Séan Conlan is the EHFF Director for external relations and has helped to organise this webinar. It’s the first in a series whose objective is to explore the current and future transformation of education and healthcare. It is based on conversations by practitioners who are exploring new approaches in their own domains. It is hoped that the Webinars will encourage an emerging cross-fertilised community.

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A fair property tax? A public debate

Sep 12, 2012 Comments Off by
To be chaired by John Bowman (RTE) in Trinity College Dublin. Monday 24th September 7.30pm in the Synge Theatre, Nassau St entrance. The audience will be invited to question a panel of economists who support the introduction of a Site Value Tax in Ireland. Read more
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Claiming Our Future: Income; what is enough? The Naked Truth – May 16th

May 15, 2011 Comments Off by
Discussion led by Richard Douthwaite of Feasta and Sinead Pentony of TASC Galway City Museum, 7pm to 10pm
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Talk on the Liquidity Network – March 18th

Mar 16, 2011 Comments Off by
Richard Douthwaite will present the work of Feasta's Liquidity Network at Transition Kinsale's event: The Future of Money?
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The Age of Peak Oil

Feb 26, 2011 Comments Off by

The Age of Peak Oil - Public lecture by David Korowicz, chaired by John Gibbons

Over the next few years we will be entering into a period where we will have produced half of all the oil existing in the world. Yet demand for oil has never been higher. [...]

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Ireland’s Economic Outlook and the role of Local Currencies – Brian Dillon and Richard Douthwaite

Jul 01, 2009 Comments Off

Date and Time: Date and Time: 8pm Tuesday 7th July
Venue: Venue: Butler House, 16 Patrick St, Kilkenny 
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Skilling Up for Powerdown – 10 week course by Cultivate

Nov 01, 2008 Comments Off

Deconstructing Dinner: Food Systems by Bruce Darrell on 7th November 2008

Global Citizenship: Opportunities for Change by David Korowicz on 28th November 2008

Venue: Enniscorthy Enterprise Centre, Co. Wexford…

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Higher education for sustainability through action-learning

Oct 01, 2008 Comments Off

A discussion with Kathleen Battke and Prof. Declan Kennedy from Gaia University.

Date and Time: Thursday 23th October 2008, Introduction 5pm – 6pm, Workshop 7:30pm – 9:30pm.

Venue: Feasta Offices, 14 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2…

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Cap and Share Stakeholder Workshop

Aug 08, 2008 Comments Off

The Morgan, 10 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Wednesday 27th August 2008



Registration and coffee


Welcome from Professor Frank Convery


Presentation from Mark Johnson (AEA Energy and Environment)


Presentation from Cambridge Econometrics project team


Questions and answers on project presentation


Panel discussion

Panel members:

David Browne (Department of Transport)

Kelley Ann Kizzier (EPA)

Richard Douthwaite (FEASTA)

Seamus Boland (Irish Rural Link)


Working lunch, open forum and questions and answers



About the Cap and Share Project

In December 2007, Comhar Sustainable Development Council commissioned a major piece of research into …

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Converging Crises, Policy Responses – Feasta seminar series

Jun 01, 2008 Comments Off

Converging Crises, Policy Responses – Feasta Seminar Series

Date and Time: 12 noon, 1 Friday followed by 4 Thursdays in June and July 2008
Venue: Irish Architectural Archive building, 45 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
This series of seminars was aimed primarily at policymakers, however Feasta members were most welcome too.

The five seminars are as follows:

The Future’s Not What it Used to Be, Friday 13th June
David Korowicz

Many of our civilisation’s key resources have become more tightly coupled and are under increasing strain. We look at the systemic interactions of energy, greenhouse gasses, food, and the macroeconomy; …

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Public Meeting: How thinking about the climate crisis needs to change

Jan 01, 2008 Comments Off

Chaired by Emer O Siochru of Cap-and-Share Ireland


The problems

David Wasdell of the Meridian Programme

The pace at which climate change is already taking place has not been taken into account by politicians, policymakers and even the UN. Many feedback mechanisms have been ignored.

Richard Douthwaite of Feasta

Peak oil and climate change both mean that the use of fossil fuels has to be rationed in some way. Unless this is done, the income gap between those who can afford to use energy and those who can’t will widen considerably. Millions will starve.

The solutions

Peter Barnes of …

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