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FEASTA Guest Lecture & Discussion: Creating & Directing Public Money by Mary Mellor

Apr 07, 2014 Comments Off by
Friday 25th April 2014, 6pm for 6.30 start at Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Sq. , Dublin. Mary Mellor is Emeritus Professor in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Northumbria University in Newcastle. One of her primary interests is in developing radical alternative models of money, finance and economic development.
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Building Resilience in an Era of Financial Crisis: Nicole Foss public lecture

Sep 26, 2012 Comments Off by
Next Friday, Sept 28th, at 8.30pm, in Django's Hostel, in Cloughjordan Eco-village, Co. Tipperary. Automatic Earth energy expert, editor/blogger and Feasta member, Nicole Foss (aka Stoneleigh) will give a lecture to launch the Feasta Members' Weekend in Cloughjordan. The lecture is open to everyone but please rsvp if you plan to attend.
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An Introduction to peer-to-peer – May 8th

Apr 15, 2011 Comments Off by
Will open source product design underpin a new type of creative economy in which some things will be available in abundance mostly for free? Theorist Michel Bauwens and the P2P foundation believes so. But is the future he envisages compatible with the ecological limits that humanity is encountering in almost every field?
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Lessons from the Crisis, Lessons for the Future – May 11th

Apr 10, 2011 Comments Off by
Public Lecture on Modern Money Theory and the economic crisis, organised by Smart Taxes
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The Climate Crisis: What Next? – April 30th

Apr 09, 2011 1 Comment by
The international negotiations on a global climate treaty seem to be making very little progress. After a review of the current situation and the reasons for it, this meeting will explore alternative proposals for dealing with the situation which do not simply involve restricting fossil fuel use.
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What organic and low-input has to offer growers, their customers and the planet – April 30th

Apr 08, 2011 Comments Off by
Public meeting which has been planned to suit people who are already farming organically or who are thinking of doing so. Featuring Gundula Azeez, a former policy adviser to the Soil Association, Martin Peck, who raises sheep organically in Wales, and Joe Condon, who raises cattle organically in South Tipperary, selling the beef direct to the public.
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Lessons from the Crisis, Lessons for the Future – May 11th

Apr 08, 2011 Comments Off by
Public Lecture on Modern Money Theory and the economic crisis, organised by Smart Taxes
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Purpose in the Age of Uncertainty – March 21st

Mar 16, 2011 Comments Off
David Korowicz spoke at the Cork launch of Feasta's Fleeing Vesuvius. Described as a "goldmine" by Richard Heinberg, in his foreword to the just-published North American edition, Fleeing Vesuvius is Feasta's most important work to date.
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Through the Looking Glass: An Evening with Vinay Gupta

Sep 27, 2010 Comments Off

In this seminar, Vinay Gupta, a thinker on catastrophe and resilience, explored the phenomenon of collapse and examined the structures which underlie social, political, financial and supply-chain systems, suggesting they may not be as vulnerable as some might fear.

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The Biochar Solution: Carbon Farming and Climate Change – Albert Bates

Aug 07, 2010 Comments Off

Date and Time: Thursday 26th August 2010, 7.30 pm

Venue: The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin

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Recovery Stability and Growth: Unveiling a New and Just Taxation Policy for the Benefit of All

Mar 02, 2010 Comments Off

Public Talk and Panel Discussion

Date and Time: Tues 9th March 2010, 7:30 pm

Venue: Robert Emmet Theatre (Nassau St. entrance), Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

€10 (at door)

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev

Fred Harrison

March 2008. at our first Trinity lecture, Fred Harrison clearly predicted a rapidly approaching bank and property crisis.

April 2009. at our second Trinity lecture, Harrison outlined a policy which would prevent future Boom-Bust disasters.

November 2009. Site Value Tax policy becomes part of government policy.

March 2010. At this third Trinity lecture, Fred Harrison, Dr Constantin Gurdgiev and a panel of experts set out …

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LUCAS: Land Use & Carbon Analysis System of New Zealand – Peter Stephens (Carbon Cycles and Sinks Network)

Sep 01, 2009 Comments Off

Date and Time: Monday September 14th 2009, 6pm.
Venue: Central Hotel, 2 Exchequer Street, Dublin.
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Corinna Byrne – Carbon Cycles and Sinks; refocussing the purpose and use of land

Jun 12, 2009 Comments Off
Corinna Byrne examined the policies needed to get Irish land to absorb CO2 rather than release it. Besides discussing how the large amounts of carbon locked up in peatlands can be safeguarded, she reviewed the role that biochar could play in reducing nitrous oxide and methane emissions and building up the fertility and carbon content of the soil.
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