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Submission to Public Consultation on Development of Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas

Mar 09, 2014 Comments Off by
This submission was made by Feasta on March 6 to the Irish Department of Agriculture regarding "Sustainable Food Production and Processing" and "Food for Health". It describes 10 high level goals that we believe can and should be progressed. It goes on to outline the proposed research that would further these goals, and to explain what the expected results would be and how they could be measured.
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Feasta Response to the European Commission consultation on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

Aug 02, 2013 Comments Off by
In this submission we emphasise the need for clear targets, not only for greenhouse gas emissions but also for carbon sequestration and storage. These can be achieved via mechanisms such as Cap and Share and a Carbon Maintenance Fee, described in detail in the Feasta climate group's book Sharing for Survival. We also urge the Commission to end its support for the continued exploitation of fossil fuel sources.
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Submission to Consultation on Heads of Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill

May 10, 2013 Comments Off by
Small countries without significant vested interests dominating their relationship with others, such as Ireland, have a particular opportunity to contribute positively to the search for a resolution to climate change at an international/global level. In this submission, made on April 30 2013, we therefore urge the Irish government to follow up its recent UNEP study with further consideration of proposals and to explore all possibilities including those proposed in Sharing for Survival. We also urge the government to make use of scenario-based analyses when forming climate change policy.
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Submission to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency on their draft Strategic Plan

Nov 27, 2012 1 Comment by
Feasta recently made a brief submission to the EPA on their draft Strategic Plan which you can download from this site. We suggest altering some of the draft's terminology to make it clearer that prosperity, rather than growth, is a central goal. We also suggest the adoption of clearly quantifiable environmental parameters, such as those outlined by the Stockholm Resilience Group. Finally, we urge the EPA to make use of data from a wider variety of sources.
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New Feasta submission to the Consultation on Climate Change Policy

May 10, 2012 Comments Off by
Feasta recently made a submission to the Irish government's Consultation on Climate Change policy. It addresses fossil fuel emissions, carbon cycles and sinks, the transition to a sustainable economy and lastly the need for a climate law.
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Smart Taxes Submission to Irish Property Tax Expert Group

Mar 20, 2012 Comments Off by
Smart Taxes made the submission to the special Expert Group set up to deliver a Property Tax for Ireland. It is by no means a done deal that we will get a Site Value Tax for Ireland, but it is looking more and more likely. Lets allow ourselves to hope that one lasting and transformative 'good thing' comes out of the financial and fiscal debacle.
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New Feasta submission on Sustainable Development in Ireland

Mar 01, 2012 2 Comments by
This submission has been made in response to the Irish Department of the Environment's request for comments on its Draft Framework for Sustainable Development in Ireland.
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2012 Jobs Programme : Smart Taxes Network Budget Submission

Nov 08, 2011 Comments Off
The Irish economy needs stimulus and the most effective way to do this is to implement an immediate jobs program backed by newly issued, low-yield tax-backed Jobs Bonds. This will provide the financing necessary for such a program without adding to Ireland’s already substantial interest burden. [...]
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Submission to the consultation on Rio+20

Sep 17, 2011 Comments Off

Feasta has made a submission to the consultation on the Rio +20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development which you can download below.

Feasta Consultation on Rio +20

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Climate governance – a new paradigm

Sep 17, 2011 Comments Off
This paper, prepared by members of Feasta, asserts that the climate crisis demands a new paradigm of global governance. It was written with specific reference to a project currently being undertaken by the World Resources Institute which arose out of an initiative by members of Feasta and the United Nations Environment Programme and is supported by the Government of Ireland. The WRI project "aims to highlight the best proposals for the institutional design of an international climate change regime".
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Building a greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sinks development programme into the CAP

May 09, 2011 Comments Off

This submission was made by the Carbon Cycles and Sinks Network. It describes a possible framework for a Rural Environmental Protection-type framework which would reward farmers for practices that were likely to lead to their reducing their GHG emissions and also increasing the carbon content of their soils and the biomass growing on them. It suggests that best farming practice is re-assessed in the light of its climate effects and sequestration potential and re-defined if necessary. Farm payments would be made conditional on the adoption of these new best practice standards. No attempt would be made to pay farmers for …

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Report: Implementation of Site Value Tax in Ireland

Jul 22, 2010 Comments Off

The Smart Taxes Network has just submitted an Implementation Paper to the Irish Government which aims to provide policymakers with guidance on the implementation of Site Value Tax in Ireland, assessing actual and possible obstacles, and providing solutions. You can read a summary and download the full report here.…

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Submission on sustainable residential developments in urban areas

May 24, 2008 Comments Off

Feasta recently made a submission to the Irish Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government on their guidelines for Sustainable Residential Developments in Urban Areas.

In general, we welcome these Guidelines and Urban Design Manual as they comprise a good outline of current best practice, an improvement on the current situation. But we fear that the Guidelines are too late; they address an economic reality that is rapidly changing; they largely ignore pressures in rural areas and they are not ambitious enough to properly address the energy, climate and social challenges currently facing Ireland.

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