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Ethical Money and The Great Separation

May 19, 2014 4 Comments by
As the 99% become progressively aware of embedded unethical and unfair systemic values, might monetary disengagement become a key part of a trend to separate and distance ourselves from the mainstream economy – a Great Separation? By Graham Barnes.
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An Ethical Altcoin?

Feb 11, 2014 2 Comments by
For the first time a cryptography-based currency or altcoin, Auroracoin, has designed-in a predistribution (via premining) of currency. This article sets out a draft vision of how an altcoin that is designed to give priority to positive aspects of living neglected by the financialised economy might operate. By Graham Barnes.
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Over-financialisation – the Casino Metaphor

Jan 15, 2014 5 Comments by
The casino metaphor has been widely used as a part-description of the phenomenon of over-financialisation. It's a handy pejorative tag but can it give us any real insights? This article by @GrahamJBarnes pursues the metaphor to extremes so that we can file & forget / get back to the football or possibly graduate to next level thinking.
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Designer Currencies and the Preferenced Domain

Nov 19, 2013 Comments Off by
A Designer Currency can enhance local identity and spread awareness of local supply, but it can also go beyond that, helping to identify important gaps in local supply and forming an integral part of proactive local economic development. By Graham Barnes.
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Designer Currencies and Behaviour Change

Jul 26, 2013 2 Comments by
This article by Graham Barnes explores the relationship between the values that are implicitly embedded in a currency and the type of explicit behaviour that that currency could promote.
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Financing Renewable Energy Projects

Apr 01, 2013 1 Comment by
Financing of renewable energy projects is hampered by two systemic economic effects - market 'externalities' that make them appear less attractive (versus fossil fuel development) than they should; and the effect of embedded interest in the cost of capital. Graham Barnes describes some creative methods for overcoming these hurdles.
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The Lot of the Currency Designer

Jul 23, 2012 2 Comments by
This paper was prepared by Graham Barnes for the International Social Transformation Conference in Split, Croatia, He argues that "once we realise that currency - nay, money in general - can be designed to fulfill or support specific objectives, it sets us free. Free from the constraints of the broken pseudo-science that is mainstream economics; free to recognise that not all transactions are of equal importance; and potentially free to redesign ourselves away from our existing pervasive elite monetary hegemony and reclaim the monetary commons."
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Currency Resilience and Transition

May 21, 2012 Comments Off
I attended the recent Transition Networks one day conversation in London on 'Peak Money and Economic Resilience'. Prompted by the event, I have contributed some thoughts on the fundamental objectives of a local exchange currency - increasing both the proportion of trade that is locally-based, and overall liquidity - and on how these might best be achieved.
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Invitation to join the Feasta Currency Group

Mar 16, 2012 1 Comment
The Currency Group is a primarily online Community of Practice for local currency advocates (and would-be advocates) to share experience and information around the development and implementation of local currencies - initially via a Facebook Group and a group email list.
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New articles about the Liquidity Network and debt-free currency

May 19, 2010 Comments Off

The Liquidity Network group, which is developing a debt-free currency, submitted this entry to the Your Country, Your Call contest, which will award two €100,000 prizes later in the year. An article in the May issue of Construct Ireland magazine about the group’s plans is here.

You can also download a powerpoint file of a talk that Richard Douthwaite recently gave at the Degrowth conference in Barcelona here. …

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Liquidity Network leaflet available for download

Jan 11, 2010 Comments Off

The Liquidity Network group, which is working with Future Proof Kilkenny to launch an electronic currency system in the city, has just published a leaflet outlining the system. It can be downloaded here.
More detailed questions about the way the system will operate are answered here. …

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The Liquidity Network

Feb 02, 2009 Comments Off

Feasta believes that a radical monetary reform is one of the keys to sustainability and a number of members are currently working to establish a debt-free exchange system which they plan to introduce to overcome the problems created by the failure of the present debt-based system. You can find details of the project here.…

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