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Envisioning a Sustainable Ireland from an Energy Availability Perspective

Jun 21, 2007 Comments Off by

The team working on the Envisioning Ireland’s Energy Futures project for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency has submitted this report. Feasta will hold a one-day seminar to discuss its conclusions when the EPA publishes it in the Autumn. The strongest conclusion is the need to move to a low-carbon economy as rapidly as possible, even if this slows down economic growth. The report also anticipates the development of rural biorefineries and the re-location to the countryside of energy-intensive manufacturing so as to be close to renewable energy sources.

A detailed overview of this paper is included below, or you can …

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Why confusion exists over when the oil peak will occur

Jan 12, 2007 Comments Off by

This paper argues that the main reason why there is such a wide range of estimates about when oil peak will happen is one of definition: experts differ as to which type of oil we should be most concerned about. …

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Response to the Green Paper: Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland

Jan 03, 2007 Comments Off by

The Irish Government’s Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources published its Energy Green Paper, a discussion document on the country’s future energy supplies, on October 1st, and invited anyone interested to comment by December 1st. The Green Paper can be downloaded here in pdf format. The 98 comments the Department received have been posted on its website, here. Amazingly, the Green Paper ignored the near-certainty that global oil production will peak within the next 25 years. The only submissions which criticised the Department for this came from Feasta and from people associated with it or influenced by it. …

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