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Press release: Feasta climate group response to the Working Group 3 contribution to the IPCC’s fifth assessment report

Apr 14, 2014 No Comments by
We find the latest IPCC report’s emphasis on climate as a “global commons problem” helpful and constructive. However, the economy must break its dependency on GDP growth in order to achieve emissions reduction without economic collapse. Fortunately the potential exists for significant co-benefits from climate mitigation, including poverty alleviation and reduced inequality. Grassroots legal action could help give teeth to the international institutions needed for cooperation.
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Press release: Feasta describes Troika exit as “a piece of theatre obscuring our real challenges”

Dec 16, 2013 No Comments by
Yesterday’s exit of the troika simply indicates a transfer of Ireland’s allegiance back to the international bond markets, not a restoration of sovereignty. The Irish economy’s profound vulnerability could be addressed via a commons-based financial system and energy independence.
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Feasta describes Budget 2013 as another lost opportunity

Oct 15, 2013 No Comments by
The debate surrounding the Irish budget was characterised by a false choice between ‘austerity’ or ‘growth’. In fact, neither option is viable. Instead, what is needed is a radical re-structuring of our economy to ensure that we live within ecological limits in a just manner.
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UNIPCC Report presents compelling evidence that economy must be cured of its fossil fuel dependency

Sep 27, 2013 No Comments by
In response to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report on the dangers of climate change, the climate group of Feasta points out that binding emissions caps are essential to effective climate change policy and that such caps need to include a mechanism for fairly distributing the funds generated by the sales of emissions permits. Legal action may provide the key to effective climate justice.
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“Fresh approaches to tackling climate change” FEASTA climate group workshop

Jul 05, 2013 No Comments by
Governments aren’t tackling the climate crisis – so what can be done? That is the question that Feasta climate group members sought to answer in two cutting edge workshops in Winchester at the end of June. Uniquely, the two day workshop brought together lawyers, social scientists, ecological economists and climate change activists who were briefed on the science of sea level rise and extreme weather events by two leading climate scientists.
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Feasta’s response to the European Commission’s proposal concerning emissions of greenhouse gases from aircraft

Dec 20, 2006 No Comments by

Feasta has issued a press release (pdf format, 76K) in response to today’s proposal by the European Commission concerning emissions of greenhouse gases from aircraft. We believe that the Commission’s proposal would distort competition between all forms of transport, hand windfall profits to airlines rather than citizens, and would fail to provide a model for the overall reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. We suggest an alternative approach which would involve placing a limit on emissions and other environmental damage from the entire transport sector. You can read about this in more detail in a background briefing (pdf format, …

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Press Release: Feasta’s response to EU aviation proposals

Dec 20, 2006 No Comments by

Wednesday, 20th December 2006
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EU aviation proposals “distort competition between all forms of transport, hand windfall  profits to airlines rather than citizens, and do not provide a model for the overall reform of the EU ETS.”

Feasta suggests alternative approach…

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