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Motivations for New Currency Design

Nov 19, 2015 No Comments by
Those developing new currencies will want to explore the various motivations behind what they're doing and set out for themselves - ideally explicitly - their balance of motives. Graham Barnes identifies some of the main 'flavours' of motivation.
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The four questions we should ask about emissions cuts, and CapGlobalCarbon’s answers

Nov 04, 2015 No Comments by
Griffin Carpenter recently posted a blog article on the New Economics Foundation website which brings up some good questions with regard to emissions cuts. Caroline Whyte provides some answers from the CGC perspective.
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The attention seeking economy, information and the manufacture of ignorance

Oct 30, 2015 No Comments by
In this chapter from his book Credo, Brain Davey describes how "much of what we take for granted is actually better understood as 'consensus trance'. To orientate to the world properly we need to have a proper feel for the huge amount of what we don’t know – and there are multiple categories of unknowing."
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The Paris agenda: leave fossil fuels in the ground, auction permits, protect people

Oct 29, 2015 No Comments by
Mike Sandler writes that the math is clear: there is a carbon bubble. The science on climate change indicates that there is no time for low initial national "contributions" with "ratcheting up ambition" after 5 or 10 year review periods.
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Living in the anthropocene – a frame for new activism

Oct 26, 2015 No Comments by
Mark Garavan writes "we have emerged from the geological epoch of the Holocene into a new epoch designated as the Anthropocene. This notion of the Anthropocene refers to a profound realisation that human aggregate activity is now the single most decisive force shaping the planet."
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Is Localism a sufficient focus for Intentional Currencies?

Oct 16, 2015 4 Comments by
There are good reasons to want to improve the health and diversity of your local economy. But should locality-based currencies scale, or perhaps replicate - networking micro to build macro (HT @cjenscook)? And is localism enough or is there a role for limited-scope value-based Intentional Currencies? @GrahamJBarnes anticipates some architectural aspects of a new monetary ecosystem.
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What if Janet Yellen joined Todd Stern in Paris?

Oct 08, 2015 No Comments by
Mike Sandler argues that the only way to get a binding cap on fossil fuel extraction onto the agenda in Paris is to add a few key people to Todd Stern's entourage, starting with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and President Obama's economic advisers.
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Environmental NGOs: be more specific for Paris

Sep 27, 2015 No Comments
If the NGO community can unify its cacophony of demands, a major outcome from Paris may be a citizen's movement calling for a Global Climate Trust that will keep the fossil fuels in the ground and give humanity a chance to stabilize the climate. By Mike Sandler.
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Why negotiations and the IPCC are unlikely to make sure we’ll be safe

Sep 21, 2015 Comments Off on Why negotiations and the IPCC are unlikely to make sure we’ll be safe
"It is astounding to realise that the international community has failed 20 times to sufficiently address climate change. For how long do we have to keep telling ourselves that it all will be different this time around?" asks Erik-Jan Van Oosten. He explores the reasons why the current negotiation process is unlikely to succeed before going on to propose a Plan B: CapGlobalCarbon.
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Approaching a global deflationary crisis?

Aug 15, 2015 Comments Off on Approaching a global deflationary crisis?
"Anyone with any sense for global economic trends ought to be worried. The signs are everywhere of a serious deflationary crisis. It is obvious that Chinese growth is falling" writes Brian Davey in another update to his book Credo. He goes on to describe four processes that are driving this crisis.
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Austerity and degrowth – dealing with the economic crisis and the ecological crisis together

Aug 12, 2015 Comments Off on Austerity and degrowth – dealing with the economic crisis and the ecological crisis together
In this updating article for the website of his new book Credo Brian Davey explores the relationship between degrowth, one of the themes of Credo, and the kind of austerity policies that we are seeing imposed on Greece.
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Cap & Share in the run-up to Paris

Aug 09, 2015 Comments Off on Cap & Share in the run-up to Paris
Is it realistic to insist, as Feasta climate group members are doing, that world citizens could set up a global trust that would issue fossil fuel extraction permits , thus ensuring that greenhouse gas emissions gradually reduce to zero? What about politics? Cartel pressure and greed? And how can we get the word out about Cap & Share in the first place? Laurence Matthews makes some practical suggestions.
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From our archives: the freedom to be frugal

Aug 07, 2015 Comments Off on From our archives: the freedom to be frugal
In a compelling article from the second Feasta Review, published in 2004, Molly Scott Cato questions common assumptions about the consumption-based economy. "Wants do not arise from human nature, or even from a social agreement, for the most part they are created by an advertising industry that has no other purpose." The central problem, as she sees it, is actually inequality - something that Feasta proposals such as CapGlobalCarbon and land value tax would directly address.
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