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Degrowth – A Vocabulary for a New Era: Review

Dec 18, 2014 Comments Off by
While Brian Davey found many of this books' chapters to be "excellent as short pithy descriptions of the key concepts of degrowth", he also found a mismatch between some of the words chosen for inclusion in this book and the constellation of concepts which match the overall range and types of degrowth ideas that exist.
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This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein: Review

Oct 26, 2014 1 Comment by
Naomi Klein's new book is well worth a read by anyone interested in the relationship between the growth-based economy and runaway greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides some suggestions for finding our way out of this morass. By Caroline Whyte
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23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang: Review

Oct 16, 2014 Comments Off by
Graham Barnes writes "There were so many tweetable gems in the 260 pages of this book, that I had to exercise self control or be suspected of agency status."
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The Wealth of the Commons: Review

Sep 02, 2013 Comments Off by
This book's central theme is the idea that existing commons provide a structural framework which can and should form the basis for our future. It should provide enormous inspiration to anyone wishing to contribute to the development of a resilient world economy. Review by Caroline Whyte.
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Governance for sustainable development: moving from theory to practice

Aug 16, 2013 Comments Off by
Sustainability "must be pursued with as much humility as commitment, as much diversity as direction and as much creative experimentation as resolute protection", write Rene Kempp, Saeed Parto and Robert Gibson in an article in the International Journal of Sustainable Development. Willi Kiefel summarizes their views.
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“The democratic crisis of capitalism: Reflections on political and economic modernity in Europe” by Peter Wagner: Review

Jul 12, 2013 Comments Off by
What is the relationship between democracy and capitalism? Willi Kiefel summarizes Peter Wagner's views on the subject.
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Transcending Greedy Money – Interreligious Solidarity for Just Relations: Review

Apr 09, 2013 1 Comment by
This book presents the argument that most of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism - took their forms in reaction to injustice and that their powerful messages could be harnessed now in order to help address the numerous challenges we are facing today, including severe economic instability and the ecological crisis.
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Money and Sustainability – The Missing Link: Review

Jan 31, 2013 1 Comment
So here we have it. The austerity versus Keynsian spending debate is about as useful as arguing whether the earth is flat or sitting on the back of a pile of turtles. Neither will provide sustainable interventions to our converging crises while the debt-based money system remains the only significant game in town. By Graham Barnes.
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The Wealth of the Commons: Review

Jan 04, 2013 1 Comment
by John Jopling. This book explores the possibility that the concept of the Commons provides us with the model we need to build just and sustainable human societies in place of the currently dominant unjust and unsustainable economic/political system. It is certainly a 'must read', indeed, if you can afford it, a 'must have', so you can take in the wealth of information and ideas at your own pace, going back to re-study at your leisure.
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Revolution Justified: Review

Dec 04, 2012 5 Comments
by John Jopling. How could governments be forced to take the necessary measures to address climate change? In his book Revolution Justified, Roger Cox suggests that legal action may provide the best way forward; an idea shared by many in Feasta's climate group.
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Occupy Education: Two reviews

Oct 02, 2012 Comments Off
In her review of Tina Evans' new book Occupy Education, Anne Ryan writes that it is"part of a lineage that seeks to repair the conceptual rift between humans and nature which exists in western society". The book explores the role that a well-developed pedagogy of sustainability could play in the quest for solutions to our ecological and social challenges. There's a strong emphasis on practical action such as localised food production. Ryan's full review can be read here, along with that of Mark Garavan who believes the book to be "an important contribution to the task of transforming our world."
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A Complexity Approach to Sustainability – Theory and Application: Review

Aug 06, 2012 2 Comments
The sustainability of a human society is not just about its relationship with the environment: it's a problem concerning the nature of the society and the way it is organised. This is the important message of a book by Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker, reviewed here by John Jopling.
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The Future of Money: Review

Jun 26, 2012 4 Comments
Published by Green Books, The Future of Money by James Robertson restates much of his thinking around monetary reform and brings it bang up to date in the context of the Euro crisis. It focuses a great deal on the arguments for governments reclaiming their right to issue money from the banks, and the enormous potential benefits to society of so doing. Highly recommended.
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