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It isn’t too late…a plea to make a decision in favour of Site Value Tax

Nov 06, 2012 Comments Off by
by Konrad. The Irish government has covered discussion of the proposed property tax in a blanket of silence.  We fear the worst.  The developers, speculators and banks are set for another bail-out by the ordinary citizen.  But it is not too late yet if we wake up and demand a Site Value Tax instead of a property tax that will exempt the 1%.
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The merits of Site Value Tax (SVT) : A public event at the Castelnock Hotel and Country Club

Oct 18, 2012 Comments Off by
If you are interested in the Single most important decision our Government could take to navigate us out of our current mess You are welcome to come to a riveting and honest discussion on The merits of Site Value Tax (SVT) Otherwise known as “The Fair Tax” as the alternative to a ‘Property Tax” on […]
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Fianna Fail supports a Site Value Tax – but not just yet

Oct 17, 2012 Comments Off by
The asked the political parties for their views on property tax.  Their replies were as expected except for Fianna Fail who surprisingly have been persuaded by our arguments that a Site Value Tax is best.  Here is an excerpt [...]
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