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CapGlobalCarbon: a global response to a global problem

Dec 01, 2014 Comments Off on CapGlobalCarbon: a global response to a global problem by
In an article originally published by Scientists for Global Responsbility, John Jopling provides a succinct overview of Cap Global Carbon: a radical back-up plan for curbing global carbon emissions.
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Co-creating a Global Climate Commons regime

Mar 19, 2013 5 Comments by
In this presentation given at Maynooth last week, John Jopling explains why governments cannot be expected to adequately address the climate crisis and instead proposes a commons-based approach that would involve a wide range of non-governmental organisations in a cooperative and participatory process.
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The Wealth of the Commons: Review

Jan 04, 2013 1 Comment by
by John Jopling. This book explores the possibility that the concept of the Commons provides us with the model we need to build just and sustainable human societies in place of the currently dominant unjust and unsustainable economic/political system. It is certainly a 'must read', indeed, if you can afford it, a 'must have', so you can take in the wealth of information and ideas at your own pace, going back to re-study at your leisure.
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Revolution Justified: Review

Dec 04, 2012 5 Comments by
by John Jopling. How could governments be forced to take the necessary measures to address climate change? In his book Revolution Justified, Roger Cox suggests that legal action may provide the best way forward; an idea shared by many in Feasta's climate group.
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A Complexity Approach to Sustainability – Theory and Application: Review

Aug 06, 2012 2 Comments by
The sustainability of a human society is not just about its relationship with the environment: it's a problem concerning the nature of the society and the way it is organised. This is the important message of a book by Angela Espinosa and Jon Walker, reviewed here by John Jopling.
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Occupy World Street – a global roadmap for radical economic and political reform: Review

Mar 19, 2012 Comments Off on Occupy World Street – a global roadmap for radical economic and political reform: Review by
This book is a clearly thought out and well written analysis of the extremely grave state we are in and it offers some clear proposals about what could and should be done to change the system as a whole.
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