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An American in Post-Paris: Persisting for climate justice and basic income

Jun 15, 2017 No Comments by
We invite you to a talk and discussion with Mike Sandler, an American climate campaigner on the prospects for environmental and economic justice in 2017. This discussion will be at the Carmelite Community Centre in Dublin 2, 6pm- 7:30pm 27th June 2017. Cost €5, free for Feasta Members
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Public meeting: the Water Protectors, June 26th at 8pm

Jun 14, 2017 No Comments by
Speakers at this meeting at the Teacher's Club in Parnell Square, Dublin will include Chas Jewett, Standing Rock Water Protector & Cheyenne River Sioux. It's organised by Afri, Comhlámh, Feasta and Friends of the Earth.
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End the Burning – Begin the Growing

Jun 14, 2017 No Comments by
Patrick Noble writes "Biofuels are a part of a fossil-fuelled hubris that cannot see why its extraordinary way of life must end. It turns blindly from burning one thing to wildly burning another. We’ve powered a way of life by combustion. It is the combustion (internal and external) which must end."
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A thinkery on water, anti-privatisation struggles and the commons

Jun 12, 2017 No Comments by
Feasta's Water Commons group, along with Orla O'Donovan and Patrick Bresnihan, are organising this event at University College Cork on June 23. Speakers will include Standing Rock Water Protector Chas Jewitt, Miriam Planas of Aigua és Vida (Barcelona) and the European Water Movement, and Marco Iob, of the Italian Forum of Water Movements and European Water Movement.
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Economics as priesthood – a religion based on assumptions

May 22, 2017 No Comments by
Some of the ridiculous assumptions on which much of mainstream economics is constructed are explored in this chapter of Credo, by Brian Davey – for example the methodology that stresses individual decision-making, the assumption that decision-makers have the information that they need, the assumption of honesty, the default assumption of competition.
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Feasta week in Kerry

May 17, 2017 No Comments by
We still have some places available for our annual week-long workshop at Rossbeigh in Kerry, which will take place at the end of June 2017. We're looking forward to a thought-provoking and stimulating week.
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The Joke

Apr 26, 2017 Comments Off on The Joke by
"How do we form a whole social system – its economy settling nicely inside its ecology? We don’t. Everyone does. Where economy meets ecology, is precisely where a tool meets its materials – that is by the fingertips and grasp of one pair of hands – that is - one’s own intelligent hands." By Patrick Noble.
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Webinar on the work of David Fleming

Apr 10, 2017 Comments Off on Webinar on the work of David Fleming
Feasta is delighted to offer the opportunity to engage with the inspirational thoughts of the late David Fleming – an original, radical thinker whose time seems to have come only after his death – in the company of the widely acknowledged expert on his work, Shaun Chamberlin.
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Reclaiming Commons through Land Value Tax, or a Wing and a Prayer

Apr 06, 2017 Comments Off on Reclaiming Commons through Land Value Tax, or a Wing and a Prayer
Patrick Noble suggests some ways in which "ordinary people may steer a course back into history and with luck – a course towards a newly egalitarian and convivial culture." In particular he focusses on basic income combined with a land value tax, as he believes these two initiatives could together "provide the simplest, most elegant regenerative tool for social justice."
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Specialisation and trade – David Ricardo versus Frederich List

Mar 25, 2017 Comments Off on Specialisation and trade – David Ricardo versus Frederich List
In this chapter of Credo, Brian Davey explores the historical roots of the theory that free trade is inherently beneficial, and describes seven factors that tend to be left out of arguments in favour of free trade.
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2016 Annual Report

Mar 20, 2017 Comments Off on 2016 Annual Report
Our latest Annual Report is online now. It includes updates on our projects, events, publications, submissions and other activities in 2016. (PDF format, 2.7 MB)
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Entrepreneurship in the social and solidarity economy

Mar 08, 2017 Comments Off on Entrepreneurship in the social and solidarity economy
In this chapter of Credo, Brian Davey describes how co-operatives employ more people than multinationals and provide services to 3 billion people weekly. They also tend to last longer than other forms of enterprise. While not perfect, their existence is a clear challenge to authoritarianism and they have been considered a dangerous threat by dictators over the past century.
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The Music of Narcissus

Mar 01, 2017 Comments Off on The Music of Narcissus
"Ordinary history had an idle elite dependent on the rest. The brief oil perversity has the rest dependent on an idle elite" writes Patrick Noble in this extract from his book, Towards a Convivial Economy. "We can evacuate most of what the oil enclosure provides and begin step by step to make things and grow things without oil."
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