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From our archives: People first – justice in a global economy by Stan Thekaekara

May 04, 2015 No Comments by
In the 2002 Feasta lecture Stan Thekaekara describes how land-grabbing has decimated the lives of the Adivasi people in southern India with whom he works. He puts forward an alternative economic system, 'Just Change', which is based on core adivasi values and which challenges many of the assumptions made about human nature in mainstream economics.
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Commons against and beyond capitalism? A Thinkery with Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis and Anne B. Ryan

Apr 30, 2015 No Comments by
Feasta trustee Anne Ryan will be one of the presenters at this event on May 28th at UCC, discussing her work on the radical concept of ‘enough’ and her practical experience of Community Supported Farming.
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From our archives: The supply of money in an energy-scarce world

Mar 22, 2015 Comments Off by
In 2011, Richard Douthwaite wrote in Fleeing Vesuvius that "Money once bought energy. Now energy, or at least an entitlement to it, will actually be money and energy firms may become the new banks." His suggestions for achieving this transition in the fairest way possible have a clear relevance now.
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CapGlobalCarbon: a new global system for addressing climate change

Feb 25, 2015 Comments Off by
CapGlobalCarbon is a proposal for non-governmental actors to create a new global system as a back-up to the inter-governmental negotiations to make sure the necessary reductions in global carbon emissions are achieved. This idea has been developed by members of Feasta's climate group and we've just launched a website to promote it.
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Response by Giorgos Kallis to Brian Davey’s review of Degrowth

Dec 22, 2014 Comments Off by
"A social change, if it is to take place, requires desire, materialized into an alternative political vision, a vision driven by a quest for the enjoyment of life, not by fear of a looming disaster, or a pure survivalist spirit," argues Giorgos Kallis, one of the editors of Degrowth. A Vocabulary for a New Era. We're publishing his detailed and thought-provoking comments as a guest post.
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Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association Public Meeting 2014

Oct 27, 2014 Comments Off by
This meeting will take place on November 1st at 14:00, at the Teacher's Club in Parnell Square, Dublin. Topics covered will include " Sustainable Energy and Potential Adverse Health Effects", "Water fluoridation’s association with asthma", "Electromagnetic Radiation and Smart Meters" and "The Ecosystems Approach to Environmental Problems".
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Presentation on intentional currencies and money as a commons, November 14 2014

Oct 15, 2014 Comments Off by

Feasta’s Graham Barnes has been asked to present and do a panel session at Open Here in Dublin, on November 14th. Open Here is “a 3-day international festival and conference where online practices such as sharing, peer-production and open source meet real world material economies.” More information is available at…

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Degrowth conference in Leipzig

Aug 28, 2014 Comments Off
Feasta members Willi Kiefel, Seán Conlan and Brian Davey will be attending next week's degrowth conference, which will focus on concrete steps towards a society beyond the imperative of growth. Willi will be presenting a paper that he prepared with Seán on Feasta co-founder Richard Douthwaite's contribution towards a material degrowth society in Ireland.
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Powerpoint and posters on unconventional gas

Jul 01, 2014 Comments Off
This powerpoint and series of posters were prepared by Brian Davey for Frack Free Notts (an anti-fracking campaign in Nottinghamshire in the UK). They provide a succinct overview of the problems with fracking.
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From our archives: How three families created a movement and boosted an industry

Jun 22, 2014 Comments Off
There's been considerable discussion in Ireland lately of the benefits of community-owned renewable power. Earlier this week Paul Kenny described the situation in Denmark in glowing terms in the Irish Journal. This panel from Richard Douthwaite's 1996 book Short Circuit identifies the roots of the community wind energy movement in Denmark. Lessons for elsewhere, perhaps?
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Powerpoint slides now available from Mary Mellor’s talk “Creating and Directing Public Money”

May 27, 2014 Comments Off
This lecture given in Dublin in April explored our current predicament from the perspective of what Mary Mellor calls 'handbag economics'; how it rationalises unnecessary austerity and emphasises scarcity. Can a sufficiency economy develop on the back of monetary reform?
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From our archives: why interest-free banking matters

May 14, 2014 Comments Off
Interest-free banking, such as that carried out by the JAK banks in Scandinavia, has been attracting considerable attention lately. But does it really matter whether a bank charges interest or not? After all, every bank has to charge for its services or it won't stay in business. This article by Richard Douthwaite and John Jopling from the second Feasta Review discusses the issue.
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Press release: Feasta climate group response to the Working Group 3 contribution to the IPCC’s fifth assessment report

Apr 14, 2014 Comments Off
We find the latest IPCC report's emphasis on climate as a "global commons problem" helpful and constructive. However, the economy must break its dependency on GDP growth in order to achieve emissions reduction without economic collapse. Fortunately the potential exists for significant co-benefits from climate mitigation, including poverty alleviation and reduced inequality. Grassroots legal action could help give teeth to the international institutions needed for cooperation.
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