How We Think

A significant amount of creative and strategic thinking about the role Feasta is playing and should play takes place each summer in County Kerry, where John Jopling, one of the co-founders, has a seaside cottage. He invites around 18 people, some active in Feasta, others not, to come to stay for five days. At least half would be from outside Ireland. The open space technique is used to decide what is to be discussed and there are usually two or three discussions going on at the same time. These stays have played a crucial role in developing our thinking in key areas, particularly on systems thinking, democratic techniques and climate change. A more focussed whole-day meeting is held each January to plan the activities for the year.

Most detailed ideas are developed by the project groups, which frequently work in partnership with other organisations. Their analyses are conveyed to other members, policymakers and the public through their own dedicated websites, as well as through events, publications, our printed and electronic newsletters and the general Feasta e-list.

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