Bridging the Gaps: Podcasts on ecology, health, energy, well-being…..

Our new podcast series, Bridging the Gaps, is co-organised by Feasta and the European Health Futures Forum. It’s a follow-on to our 2019 series Beyond the Obvious, also done in collaboration with the EHFF.

The hosts, Seán O’Conláin and Caroline Whyte, explore a range of topics with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. We plan to upload 10 podcasts in the course of 2020. Please feel free to comment below.

Seán Ó Conláin

Topics will include:

• how best to measure well-being
• the politics of land
• wealth distribution
• diversity, both biological and cultural
• blame, shame and compassion
• the role of digital technology in society

…..all in the context of a biosphere which is critically ill and in need of urgent care.

Our thanks to Laoise Kelly who gave us permission to use her harp music. The piece is ‘Princess Beatrice’ from her Album ‘Just Harp’.

Podcasts are listed below from the newest to the oldest.

Podcast 1: Living well in the face of climate and ecological crises

January 31 2020

This podcast features recordings from a seminar organised by Feasta in Dublin on December 7 2019.

Through a combination of interview-style conversation, presentation and small-group discussion, this event explored the mental and emotional toll of our increasing awareness of climate change and environmental destruction with a view to building up resilience, both personal and community. Speakers and interviewees included psychologist and Feasta trustee John Sharry, Feasta administrator Morag Friel, Extinction Rebellion activist Leontien Friel Darrell, sociology lecturer and Feasta trustee Mark Garavan, social activist and Environmental Pillar representative Theresa O’Donohue, and climate campaigner and journalist John Gibbons.

Podcast timeline:
2:05 – Introduction by John Sharry
6:50 – John Sharry interviews Morag Friel and Leontien Friel Darrell
28:58 – Mark Garavan interviews Theresa O’Donohue and John Gibbons

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