Brexit, fracking and Einstein

"Watch how our politicians demonstrate Einstein's definition of madness - trying over and over again what has already failed - because they cannot grasp that the time is for degrowth - and a lot of sharing - rather than their insane attempts to grow more powerful at the expense of others in a disintegrating world." writes Brian Davey.

Academic review contests claim that gas is essential to Ireland’s energy security

In a new report whose lead author, Barry McMullin, is a Feasta member, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition has published research which finds the best way to ensure Ireland's energy security would be to cut back strongly on energy consumption, rapidly develop indigenous renewables and make use of electrofuels-based with energy storage technology.

Culture and climate

"I see the shadow of a proper economy everywhere....decayed towns and villages, drained by corporate retail park, entirely oil-powered suburbia and the falsely-egalitarian call of the internet, await the returning flow of ingenious, convivial humanity," writes Patrick Noble in a foreword to his new book.