Convergence – Reimagining Cooperatives and the Commons

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Cultivate, WeCreate Workspace and the P2P Foundation are delighted to host Open Everything, a series of events that will bring together cooperative advocates, community activists, and commons animators to share perspectives and ideas on the question,“How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?”. From September 10th-14th in Dublin, Limerick and Cloughjordan. See for full details.

Events with Feasta member participation

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Caroline Whyte has been involved with Feasta since 2002. She studied ecological economics at Mälardalen University in Sweden, writing a masters thesis on the relationship between central banking and sustainability. She contributed to Feasta's books Fleeing Vesuvius and Sharing for Survival. Along with four other Feasta climate group members she helped to launch the CapGlobalCarbon initative at the COP-21 summit in Paris in December 2015. In February 2017 she participated in the World Basic Income conference in Manchester, discussing the potential for climate action to contribute to reducing poverty and inequality worldwide. She lives in central France, from where she edits the Feasta website.

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