New Agriculturalist review of Sharing for Survival

“For those new to ‘cap and share’ Sharing for survival is a good place to become acquainted, and to learn what its application would mean for agriculture, an industry where the use of oil in industrialised farming systems is so pervasive that Professor Albert Bartlett wrote as long ago as 1978 that modern agriculture is the use of land to convert petroleum into food.” …

A Potent Nostalgia: Chapter 1

In this second excerpt from his book, Feasta member Patrick Noble further expands his argument about power and modernity. He maintains that true modernity has nothing to do with hierarchical power and that those trying to promote it should simply avoid engaging with the powerful. In this vein he criticises the Soil Association, among others, for allowing its label to be used by supermarket chains, as he believes that this sabotages the organisation's own values.

The Wealth of the Commons: Review

by John Jopling. This book explores the possibility that the concept of the Commons provides us with the model we need to build just and sustainable human societies in place of the currently dominant unjust and unsustainable economic/political system. It is certainly a 'must read', indeed, if you can afford it, a 'must have', so you can take in the wealth of information and ideas at your own pace, going back to re-study at your leisure.