Submission to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency on their draft Strategic Plan

Nov 27, 2012 1 Comment by

Feasta recently made a brief submission to the EPA on their Strategic Plan which you can download below. We are concerned that the draft has not sufficiently taken into account certain key axioms of ecological economics, in particular the need to move away from a growth-based economic paradigm. We suggest the adoption of clearly quantifiable parameters in the Strategic Outcome, such as the Planetary Boundaries outlined by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Lastly, in relation to evidence-based decision-making and environmental monitoring data, the Agency seems not to use data collected outside its own systems and the associated local authority systems for comparison, verification, and where appropriate data collection design and calibration. We urge the Agency to use the data contained in EISes and any other research reports to assist it in its own environmental monitoring and analysis.

Download the submission

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