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Feasta’s Climate Group would like to extend an invitation to members of our wider network to its annual gathering, to be held this year in the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. This year’s gathering will see the first public launch of Sharing for Survival, Feasta’s latest publication.

Dates: Weekend of April 13-15th 2012
Venue: Centre for Alternative Technology, Machnlleth, North Wales.
Costs: accommodation aprox £70 per person sharing for the 2 nights (plus £5 for bed linen) plus cost of travel, food and drink.

Below you will find the provisional programme for the weekend. If you would like any more information or want to book a place please contact John Jopling directly. His email is johnj@thevillage.ie.


Provisional Programme

Friday 13th
Book Launch Gathering, White Lion Hotel, Machynlleth, 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Drinks and snacks will be available. The White Lion is near the main junction in the middle of Machynlleth, a few yards away from the clock tower.

Saturday 14th

Zero Carbon Britain and CAT’s current work and perspectives (to be confirmed)
Policy Roadblocks – why current political systems are unable to deliver climate mitigation – Brian Davey
Legal strategies to get action on climate change – John Jopling and Brian Davey – what is currently being done and might be done
Climate change – influencing values and frames – work being done by PIRC – Richard Hawkins

Increasing and making more resilient the biological productivity of land-based ecosystems – Bruce Darrell
Communicating with non-environmentalists – Laurence and Alison Matthews on the book they are currently working on
If we lose the battle against a 2 degree increase, what then? Brainstorming the horror scenarios…..

The science of Shale Gas and Climate Change – David Knight – by video link
Climate change and the commons – defending the land rights of poor communities to defend carbon in biomass – Justin Kenrick – recorded video talk
The poor with a high carbon lifestyle – research by Milena Buechs – recorded video talk (tbc)

Sunday 15th

Feasta Climate Group Business Agenda items: Promoting the book
The future of the Feasta climate group, its finances and organisation and what it can/should do in the future


Cap and Share Events, Meetings, Workshops

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Caroline Whyte has been involved with Feasta since 2002. She studied ecological economics at Mälardalen University in Sweden, writing a masters thesis on the relationship between central banking and sustainability. She contributed to Feasta's books Fleeing Vesuvius and Sharing for Survival. Along with four other Feasta climate group members she helped to launch the CapGlobalCarbon initative at the COP-21 summit in Paris in December 2015. In February 2017 she participated in the World Basic Income conference in Manchester, discussing the potential for climate action to contribute to reducing poverty and inequality worldwide. She lives in central France, from where she edits the Feasta website.

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