Chris Cook Predicts a Post Crash Economy 3.0

Writing in the Asian Times, Chris Cook gives a very useful and to my mind accurate description of the evolution of our current money system. He predicts a crash in oil and other commodity prices in the first quarter of 2012. He was also bold enough to predict the form of the new economy to emerge post the mayhem of this crash.

Irish Gov’t planning property tax NOT Site Value Tax

Probably in response to growing opposition, the Government has decided to bring in a comprehensive tax a year earlier than expected, replacing the regressive household charge in a year. However, they have decided to go the route of a house-based property tax, not a site value tax. [...]

A letter from Australia

Bill Mitchell outlines in comprehensive and heart sinking detail the impossibility of recovery under the current 'austerity reich'. Hes says "Ireland will struggle while they remain in the Eurozone. The system is geared heavily against them."

Transition Branching Out? Land reform: losing and recovering the Commons

In an article in the Transition Networks blog, Justin Kenrick writes evocatively about commons erosion in Africa, the slow but steady progress being made in rebuilding the commons in Scotland, and the need for a new vision of the economy that is community-based . Justin is one of the authors of our forthcoming book Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society, due to be published in early 2012. …

Why bringing the bankers to heel is so important…

There are really three dimensions to the current crisis: the banking and finance dimension of elite fraud; a crisis of uneven development accentuated by competition that has reached outer limits; and a limits to growth crisis. Action to clear up any one of these problems will not succeed without our working on the others as well.