Monetary System Reform Workshops – Feasta Money Group and the Smart Taxes Network

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Date and Time: 11am -4:30 pm Friday 16th October 2009
Venue: The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2
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Caroline Whyte collaborated with Richard Douthwaite on an online update of his book Short Circuit: Strengthening Local Economies in an Unstable World in 2002-3 and went on to study ecological economics at Mälardalen University in Sweden in 2005-6, writing a masters thesis on the relationship between central banking and sustainability. She compiled the conclusion for Feasta's 2011 book Fleeing Vesuvius and was a contributor to the Feasta Climate Group's book Sharing for Survival in 2012. She lives in central France, from where she edits the Feasta website.

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