Anne Ryan – Enough is Plenty

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Anne B. Ryan argued that the adoption of a new self-limiting worldview is as crucial as the adoption of new technologies. “We are all born with the capacity for enough and everybody has a part to play in the creation of a culture of enough, as a way to understand the world and to live in it,” she says.

Anne B. Ryan is currently a university lecturer in adult and community education. She has been researching and writing about the philosophy of enough for many years and regularly conducts workshops and seminars on sustainable living, positive futures and balanced living. Her book Enough is Plenty; Public and Private Policies for the 21st Century will be published later this year.

Recorded on day two of The New Emergency Conference: Managing Risk and Building Resilience in a Resource Constrained World. Held on 10-12 June 2009, All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland.

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