Morag Friel appointed as Feasta Members’ Agent

June 13 2007

Feasta is delighted to announce the appointment of Morag Friel to the new position of Members’ Agent for the organisation. This position, based in Feasta’s Dublin office, was created to reflect a renewed emphasis on encouraging and supporting our members to realise their projects, and to help establish and enrich connections between those seeking either to work together or just to get to know one another. Morag has 13 years’ experience working with various ecologically and socially minded organisations, including Dublin Cohousing, the Dublin Food Co-op and The Village Project.

The Great Emissions Rights Give-Away

The EU’s emissions trading system should be scrapped in its present form and replaced with a much fairer, less distorting system, according to this briefing paper from Feasta’s Climate and Energy working group. The paper lists twelve reasons why the scheme is misconceived and proposes that, instead of emissions permits for 45% of the EU’s greenhouse emissions, currently worth €170 billion a year, being given free to 11,500 giant companies, permits for 100% of the emissions should give given on an equal per capita basis to every EU resident.

Emissions Rationing and the Oil Price Crisis

This briefing paper examines a way in which the poor in many countries could be protected if, as oil and gas get scarcer, their cost goes higher and higher over the years ahead.

The content of this briefing paper is included below, or download the original document.
This document is an updated version of a November 2005 document.