Slideshow on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from the UNSCD meeting

May 12, 2006 Comments Off on Slideshow on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from the UNSCD meeting by

by Nicola Creighton

This year was a ‘review year’ at the 14th session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development in New York, but there was nonetheless an unstated core topic, both at the official and the side events: energy, with a recurrent focus on energy access for developing countries. FEASTA’s focus at CSD was on gaining support for a substantial review of the EU’s deeply flawed Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Carbon trading was not on the general agenda. There was, however, a Side Event on 5 May on the MDG carbon facility, presented by the UNDP, and one on carbon capture and sequestration, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Nicola Creighton presented FEASTA’s critique of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to a small but broadly sympathetic audience.

You can download the powerpoint presentation that she used here. Among NGO representatives Nicola met, there was some support for FEASTA’s ideas for a reform of ETS but also much resistance for many different reasons. You can read a more detailed account at LINK

This presentation was based on Feasta’s briefing paper The Great Emissions Rights Give-Away.

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