Significant discrepancies between Irish peoples’ overall well-being and Irish GDP levels during the period 2000-2014, according to new study published by Feasta and FEST

Oct 18, 2017 4 Comments by
A newly-developed National Well-being Index finds that well-being in Ireland flatlined and even diminished slightly during peak GDP years 2001-2004. The index takes housework, voluntary work, healthcare, education and environmental damage into account.
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Reflections on the Compassion in World Farming conference, October 5-6 2017

Oct 15, 2017 No Comments by
Martin Peck questions the wisdom of replacing industrially-farmed and processed meat with industrially-farmed and processed plant-based food. Instead he argues that farmers should adopt agroecological, organic, regenerative and mixed farming practices. This would significantly lower their carbon footprint and would also result in healthier food for everyone.
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Ireland continues on its grotesquely unjust and irresponsible trajectory with regard to climate change

Oct 14, 2017 No Comments by
There are so many positive things the Irish government could be doing about climate change - instead of its current mealy-mouthed, unrealistic approach. By Caroline Whyte.
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Democracy In Chains : A review of Nancy MacLean’s book subtitled ‘The deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America’

Oct 10, 2017 No Comments by
"Other reviewers have called this book 'unsettling'. I'd go along with that. For those of us who tend to favour the cock-up interpretation of history over conspiracy theories, its a discomforting wake-up call." By Graham Barnes.
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The future of renewable energy

Oct 02, 2017 1 Comment by
Brian Davey argues that it will be difficult to bring a new, renewables-based energy sector into existence when the economy is stagnant and people will struggle to afford expensive innovation. Paradoxically in these circumstances it is likely to be many older technologies that will make sense again - perhaps in a reworked form.
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The tyranny of enlightenment

Sep 18, 2017 1 Comment by
"My new tale to call us back (and then forward) is no less than a journey to reclaim the soul – that is personally and communally as a culture. It is not how to steer clear of the iceberg, but how to return our tickets and disembark," writes Patrick Noble.
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Submission on the Irish bioeconomy

Sep 15, 2017 Comments Off on Submission on the Irish bioeconomy by
This submission to an interdepartmental group in the Irish government argues that much greater emphasis needs to be placed on maintenance, stability and resilience when developing policy on the bioeconomy. It also describes some programmes and changes to the tax system that we believe could help with this.
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Submission on the River Basin Management Plan

Sep 01, 2017 Comments Off on Submission on the River Basin Management Plan
We propose that the Irish government incorporate tree-planting and soil-building measures into the next round of water framework directive works, in order to shift the focus from Irish agriculture as a net environmental problem to Irish agriculture as a world leader in ecologically sustainable methodologies and practices.
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The climate crisis as seen by the economics mainstream

Aug 25, 2017 Comments Off on The climate crisis as seen by the economics mainstream
This article from 2014 by Brian Davey - part of his book Credo - critiques the ways in which economists generally try to calculate the costs associated with action on climate change. Unfortunately, it is still relevant now.
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CapGlobalCarbon submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on climate

Aug 13, 2017 Comments Off on CapGlobalCarbon submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on climate
In this proposal, Ireland would form a bilateral partnership with a Global South country in order to eliminate fossil fuel emissions, support the energy transition and work towards climate justice. It would be relatively straightforward to implement and would establish Ireland as forward-looking, global-minded and fundamentally ethical in its approach to climate stabilisation.
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Feasta submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on climate

Aug 11, 2017 2 Comments
Instead of playing catch-up to other EU countries as is currently the case, we believe Ireland could leapfrog them and establish itself as a visionary leader by taking a global view of the climate challenge and incorporating action on climate with substantive action on inequality and poverty, significant improvements to the quality and freshness of food, and greater overall prosperity and stability in Ireland and elsewhere.
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Stability and sharing: basic income in history

Aug 02, 2017 1 Comment
Who knows how many people all over the world could make significant contributions to humanity if there was a basic income? A little financial stability could make an enormous difference, as we can see if we take a look at some examples from the past. By Caroline Whyte.
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Mismodelling human beings – “rational economic men” in love, politics and everyday life

Jul 22, 2017 Comments Off on Mismodelling human beings – “rational economic men” in love, politics and everyday life
As the example of Britain after World War II shows, values shift according to social, economic and political conditions. This alone makes nonsense of the assumptions about human nature on which mainstream economics is based. By Brian Davey, from Credo.
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