Stating our values and what we know

Oct 03, 2018 No Comments by
"People with political agendas are inundating us with information overload, and calling into question basic facts in an attempt to impose anti-democratic control over disoriented populations," writes Mike Sandler. "We must practice stating our values and defending them and advancing them in the public square."
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Decarbonising the Irish energy system: cards on the table?

Sep 28, 2018 No Comments by
Barry McMullin argues that decarbonising Ireland will require an enormous reduction in overall energy consumption, with bioenergy developmemt playing only a cautious and secondary role. (This is a Beamer presentation; please click on the slides to access sources and more information.)
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First steps towards CapGlobalCarbon: potential partner countries and useful programmes

Sep 24, 2018 No Comments by
This is a brief overview of research carried out by CapGlobalCarbon intern Paul Faisant over the summer of 2018, in which he explored the idea of the EU forming a partnership with a group of Asian countries so as to completely eliminate the production and import of fossil fuels on all of their territories, while also reducing poverty and inequality.
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End of the Oilocene: the roar of the oil-fizzle dragon king

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"Ireland’s policymakers exist in an insulated bubble; congratulating themselves on reducing the debt-GDP ratio and high employment due to the sleight of hand of low corporate tax rates, " writes Tim Clarke. He argues that Ireland is hugely vulnerable to a global financial crash triggered by net energy decline, coupled with rapidly rising extreme global debts and many other factors: "Talk of a 'Celtic Phoenix' excites dull short memories, and another property bubble is in the making."
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On being conservative for the common against those who are conservative for enclosure

Aug 25, 2018 Comments Off on On being conservative for the common against those who are conservative for enclosure by
Patrick Noble warns us to "beware of grown-ups – the grown-up in ourselves as much as in others. Our true coming of age is into the spirit of the common; into the responsibilities of the rule of return and the maintenance of the joys of precious things."
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Money through the looking glass

Aug 08, 2018 2 Comments by
Caroline Whyte argues that the only way to achieve degrowth without crashing the global economy is to change the way that money is issued. Yet, paradoxically, it would be advisable for central bankers to continue to publicly disagree with the Vollgeld and other debt-free-money campaigns’ suggested financial reforms - and for the campaigners to continue their campaigns regardless, not letting themselves be discouraged by the officials' stance.
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On faiths, keeping them and losing them…

Jul 29, 2018 Comments Off on On faiths, keeping them and losing them… by
"If we are going to survive the turmoil of the years ahead, we are going to need a deeper understanding of ourselves and what makes for our emotional well-being." write Brian Davey in the first chapter of his book Credo.
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The music of time – or how we’ll not change the music unless we change how we sing

Jul 19, 2018 Comments Off on The music of time – or how we’ll not change the music unless we change how we sing
"It should be a natural relief to step back inside natural limits. Limits have forms, sounds and scents – we can touch them – taste them. They should feel like home. We’ll be prodigals shuffling homeward from a wild fossil-fuelled adventure to finally open the familiar garden gate," writes Patrick Noble.
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Climate change, growth and money

Jul 03, 2018 Comments Off on Climate change, growth and money

Feasta’s Caroline Whyte had a letter published in the Irish Times on June 5 which claims that “strange though it may seem, the most effective climate action…could well be carried out by central bankers.” You can read the whole letter here .…

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The Punishment of Nemesis

Jul 02, 2018 2 Comments
"Certain stories recur in the history of humanity – and one of the most dramatic and traumatic is that of hybris," writes Brian Davey. "Hybris is a drama brought about by actions motivated by excessive pride – for example the overestimation by leaders - and the society or institutions in their charge - of their power."
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Confessions of a Rentier

Jun 28, 2018 Comments Off on Confessions of a Rentier
"Most of the progressive thinkers and writers I look to for insight deprecate rentiers (or so I believe). I am a rentier. How should I feel?" asks Graham Barnes.
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The tales of history are a dead-end road

Jun 20, 2018 2 Comments
"Culture is what people do. It decays when people stop culturing. Changing a culture means changing what we do. Often, that will need a step by step transition as we negotiate obstacles. Even though we follow some backward meanders, the river may flow on." By Patrick Noble.
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Father’s Day thoughts on Star Wars, religion, and basic income 

Jun 14, 2018 Comments Off on Father’s Day thoughts on Star Wars, religion, and basic income 
Mike Sandler draws on the work of linguist George Lakoff to argue that "maybe it’s time to rethink the conventional wisdom received from our fathers about religion, strict father politics, the idea that hard work at a job equals self-worth or that many of those jobs can even provide a reasonable livelihood without basic income."
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